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Nothing interesting happened today.  I woke up at 5am, took an hour nap around one because I was fading fast, and now I'm going back to bed because my brain and body are telling me to.

Asian chicken salad?
Asian Tara Reid?
Asian Roman Moments?

Basketball game tomorrow.  Sweet, I can't wait to play with Kat instead of against her.

tgif. like, totally.

It seems like Friday took forever to get here.  I guess that's pretty normal when you're up at 5:30am three days a week, running all over the place and doing pushups until your arms give out.  In addition to that, trudging through the snow, falling (that's always a blast), avoiding crazy bitches who are in love with you (sorry, I had to pull an EILWE), studying so much science that you fall asleep reviewing DNA sequences and how they change to form RNA, talking to advisor after advisor, setting up an entire Intramural basketball team (that's a bigger chore than it seems)...and what else did I manage to accomplish this week?

Oh, and good grades.  I've decided this semester is going to be my best one, academically, so it's done.

My Bio grades are looking fabulous (not that it's hard, yet, or anything...but don't steal my thunder).  Two quizzes, two homeworks, four A's.  Medical nutrition, ninety percent on my first quiz.  Hell fucking yes.

In other areas of self improvement, the body's looking good.  Thank you AF.  Now that I'm understanding the basic chemistry of foods, I'll be able to plan my meals better.  They weren't that bad to begin with, but still.  I can improve.

Hmm, what else, what else?
I'm going to try to be nicer to people.  Just because I hate Flagstaff with a fiery passion and want to blow up the town, doesn't mean I should take it out on people...even though some of them really deserve it.  Well, I guess that's at my discretion.  So, I really don't know if that's a true work in progress or not.  We'll see.

I've been very proactive with the transfer process.  I have to be for my own mental state.  If I know I'm doing everything in my ability to peace the fuck out of here ASAP, it makes me feel better about my current situation.  Besides, I have to learn to be entirely self-sufficient sometime.  If NAU can't give me a decent science education, then I guess it should compensate.

I get to see Fabudad today and Kimchee!!!
Wooo, puppies!

fuck you, flagstaff.

This is what I have so far...
...but you can't seeeee!

1) If anyone tells me they're tired, I'm gonna slap them in the face.  Last time I checked, we live in the United States, and I got up at 5 this morning to do more pushups than your momma has recipes...(except Louface and Jessye because they work for DxS and that sucks HxC).

2) Number 13 is kinda emo, but oh so cute.

3) I am NOT looking forward to taking the AFOQT (Air Force Oficer Qualifying Test).  I feel like if I screw up now, I fuck up my entire life.  How much truth (and probablility) that has to it, I'm stressin'.

4) NAU sucks.  The only reasons why I would stay here include:
        a. my best friends that go here.
        b. the fact that I'm on my way to planning the next 2.5 years of my life as a student here.
        c. if I fall in love with ROTC and don't want to switch detachments.

5) Here's why I want to peace the fuck out:
        a. the number of best friends that reside in Flag add up to about...4.
        b. UA has a WAY better medical program and a Physiology major, which is what I want a profession in.
        c. any medical-related degree from UA is going to look a hell of a lot better than a faux-medical degree from here.
        d. the snow.  enough said.
        e. there is NOTHING to do in Flagstaff that doesn't involve snow (see letter d).
        f. the advisors here are SHIT.
        g. the professors aren't much better.
        h. there isn't nearly enough attention to athletics.
        i. i'm bored.
        j. nothing's ever open and NAU doesn't really cater to their students (i.e. fronske being open ONLY M-F 8a-5p)

.do i have to get naked?

 My first day of the rest of my life.  Or second semester.  Whichever one you prefer.  The day started in darkness, which is unmotivating in itself.  I mean how can I possibly WANT to get up and walk around in the snow before sunrise?  I'm enough of a klutz when I can see the ice on the ground but this, "let's travel in the dark" thing...nuh uh.  I'm just waiting for God to speak to me through injury.

ROTC was a bit threatening.  Okay, a little more than a bit.  It was slightly comforting that there are more new cadets than I had imagined.  Boo to the fact that I get a LAME sweatsuit that's a LAME gray and says "AIR FORCE" across the front pussily.  (If pussily isn't a word, now it is).  Al the second year cadets get the fierce Air Force Warmups...the blue ones with the silver "V" across the chest and the embroidered Air Force logo.  I haven't even learned how to salute and yet I have this incredible desire to show them what I'm worth and work for the jumpsuit.  Yet again, my shallow-mindedness (and addiction to athletic clothing) has provided me with some mental stability and determination.  Funny how one mental impairment (if you so choose to classify shallowness as an impairment) can lead to something slighty more positive and domineering.

At 7:30 this morning, when I was dismissed from ROTC, went to the Dub and tried desperately to stay awake.  Nothing exciting there.  I'm proud of myself for being pro-active and calling Fronske for a mandatory ROTC physical *rolls eyes*  What a fuckin' joke.  The doc didn't do a damn thing except a little poke here, a little poke there...and I was afraid I'd have to get naked.  Ha!  Like Fronske even takes it that seriously...
I'm surprised I didn't get asked if I was pregnant.  That seems like the trend.

Nutrition was le lame effects button number four.  I don't think I was expecting it to be anything less than spectacular ...because, duh.  When I think nutrition, the ONLY word that comes to my mind is spectacular.  To top that off, my teacher is Korean (but I don't know if she screens her phone calls).  So, I'm learning Korean in addition to medical nutrition.  I think she said, "chemical" four times before it actually registered in my head what she said.  Oh, well I can count to ten in Korean; I'll be fine.

To add to the excitement of the morning, I'm pretty sure my Athletic Training professor is family.  Pretty sure but not 100%  All the rest of her is boring.

I also journeyed to Kinko's and almost got run over by a truck, had to puddle jump and almost ate shit on the ice...numerous times.  I amaze myself sometimes.  Now Jasmine's got me looking up Backstreet Boys remixes...like I need another reason to be obsessed with them.  

9ish years and counting.
Kevin, I will always be in love with you.

I need to go to bed.  I should gym-it-up tomrrow.


.friends only.

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